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Dr. Ron Ellis

Coral Springs Psychologist

Feeling depressed or anxious? Help and hope are a phone call away.

Single parent? Co parent conflicts? Or are the kids simply driving you crazy? Working together we can make it better.

Feeling distant or disconnected from your partner? Communication issues keep driving you apart? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Providing Treatment for Couples, Adults & Adolescents

Individual Therapy

I customize individual therapy for each client based on their wants and needs as well as their strengths and challenges.

Marital Therapy / Couples Counseling

I provide traditional couples counseling working directly with a couple. Additionally, my wife Dr. Marti Schwartz, who is also a psychologist, and I offer a unique approach. Each of us works with one member of the couple individually and then the four of us get together. This approach allows for more flexibility in working through individual as well as couples issues as needed. Often , results are achieved quicker with this method.

Family Therapy

By creating a safe environment, family members are able to contribute their own insights to solving the family’s problems and move forward in a positive direction.

Clinical Focus

For some, starting psychotherapy can be a scary process. Therefore, I believe it is important to provide my clients with a safe, supportive, non judgmental, and confidential environment. In this setting, together we can explore your life challenges and develop solutions that will work best for you.

Providing people with life-long strategies for overcoming emotional and psychological challenges. Let’s talk.

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